"If India was the Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire, the remote North East of that country is its Hidden Jewel" …Tony Howard …Tony Howard



The Capital : Perched at 1444.12 metres above sea level, Kohima enjoys a temperate climate throughout the year. The two hour drive from Dimapur to Kohima can be an enjoyable experience. You could treat yourself to a hot hearty meal of local cuisine from one of the typical Naga wayside amenities that line the road at regular intervals. The panoramic view of Kohima unfolds at 16 kms from your destination, nestled among the pristine hills.

Kohima War Cemetery

Kohima War Cemetery offers a space for a quiet moment of a contemplative stroll with friends & family. This is a symbolic memorial raised as a citation for the supreme sacrifices made by the officers and men of the allied forces, to halt the tide of the Japanese onslaught during the Second World War. This was their last post. The cemetery is beautifully and meticulously maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

State Museum

For the tourists, there are historical artifacts, log drums, tools & implements, old Naga currencies, attire of warriors, dresses & costumes all preserved here. This museum provides a bird's eye view of the fifteen colourful tribes at close quarters.

Dzukou Valley

This valley is tucked away at 2438 metres above sea level. From June to September, the entire valley is covered with a carpet of wild flowers. Here, you are completely at peace with nature. The valley is surrounded by hills, natural caves & rocks ideal for camping.

Japfu Peak

Scaling the Japfu peak at 3048 metres above sea level can be very trying, but exhilarating. Once up, the expansive vista of nature's beauty more than compensates the effort put in. The range gets covered by mist at the break of dawn, adding to its mystic beauty.


This place offers a peep into the village lifestyle of the people here. This village is not only laced in history but also known for its ecological propriety. The terraced fields carved out from the hill top to the lower valley, present an interesting study. You can always hear fascinating stories of folklore here from the villagers.

Kohima Village

Considered to be one of the largest in Asia, a traditional gate greets the visitor.There are stones of varying shapes and sizes implanted within the compound or skulls of buffaloes and mithuns adorning the portico, reminding you of the past glory and status of the great ancestors. 

Zoological Park

This place offers you a glimpse of the fauna of Nagaland. The rare Blythe's Tragopan believed to be on the verge of extinction, is being reared here in captivity. Rare species of Orchids can also be seen here. 


This is an enchanting place near Kohima, where domesticated bisons roam freely in pastoral ambience. The surrounding green hills and little waterfalls thrown in, add to the pleasure to being in this cool getaway.


On the way to Kohima, this site was the first headquarter, established by the British. The Triple Falls located in Seithekima village area, is another resort being developed by the Department of Tourism. As the name suggests, it is a three-tier waterfall, cascading from a height of 280 feet into an inviting natural pool. 

Dimapur was the ancient capital of Kachari Kingdom. A small footprint of the megalithic culture still exists. 

Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary

Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary is just 37 kms away from Dimapur. It is the habitat of various animals and rare species of birds.


It is a place, ideally suited for leisure and recreation with its colourful bazaars and a wide range of tribal handicrafts, which are exquisite in their style. 

Fakim Sanctuary

This sanctuary, close to the Myanmar border is inhabited by tigers & Hoolock gibbons and recieves high rainfall. 

Pulie Bazde

Another sanctuary, Pulie Bazde lies in close proximity of Kohima.


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