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Mizos are basically agriculturists, practising what is known as 'jhum-cultivation'. All their activities revolve around this cultivation and their festivals are also connected with such agricultural operations.

Chapchar Kut

Among other festivals, Chapchar Kut or Spring Festival is the most popular festival, celebrated after completion of the most arduous task of jungle clearing for 'jhum' operations. On this day, people of all ages, young and old, men and women dressed in their respective colourful costumes and head-gears, assemble and perform various folk dances, sing traditional songs, accompanied by the beating sound of drums, gongs and cymbals.

Mizos boast of a number of folk and community dances that have been handed down over the generations. It is in these dances that the visitor can get a glimpse of the tribal heritage of the Mizos. Most important of these dances are Cheraw (bamboo dance), Khuallam, Solakia and Chheih Iam. These dances have evolved through community involvement and participation.

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