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Sibsagar Assam

Sibasagar: Ahom's Capital of Assam

Bathed in the scenic splendor of nature, Sibasagar, the modern name of an ancient town, now throbs with the activities of full-fledged industrial town.

Ahom Dynasty, which ruled Assam for 600 years had their capital in Sibasagar. It is now an important centre of tea and oil industries.

Remains of Ahom's days can be seen here in this town. Some of them are man made artificial lake created by Queen Madambika in 1734, Shivdol-the tallest Shiv temple in the world, palaces of Kareng Ghar and Talatal Ghar, Gaurisagar Tank, along with three temples.

Ahoms, who invaded Assam in 12th century were of Thai origin but embraced the culture of local people, which were predominantly Aryan Hindus. Thus, a mixed blend of culture is prevalent in this region.

What we liked most about the impressive Charaideo Maidan was the Ahom's similarity with the Egyptians for burial of their rulers. The hillocks of Charaideo are comparable to the Egyptian Pyramids. About 30 kms from Sibasagar in the tea belt of Sonari, lies the Ahom rulers' burial ground



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