"If India was the Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire, the remote North East of that country is its Hidden Jewel" …Tony Howard …Tony Howard


Tea, the miracle drink originated in China and was declared a health drink 5000 years back, by Chinese Emperor, Chen Nungmore. While boiling water below a Tea tree, a leaf fell into his pot and the king found the drink refreshing. Chinese believe it to be Divine Healer.

Tea has been known to the tribes of Assam for a long time, who are of the oriental stock and took Tea as a health drink. Local Tribal Singpho chief, Bisa Gaum helped C A Bruce in 1823, to discover Assam variety of Tea Plant 'Camelia Sinesis Var Assamica'.

The discovery of Tea and its commercial production changed Assam's economy. Vast wild forest lands were transformed into beautiful smiling Tea Gardens, along the Brahmaputra & Barak valleys.

Today, Assam produces 400 million kgs of Tea, per year. Tea is an integral part of the hospitable Assamese people. They start their day with a cup of the brew and end it with one in the evening. Guests are welcomed by offering a cup of tea. The traditional way to taste the brew is in Bell Matel Bowl called "Banbati"

Most of Assams Tea Gardens are located in the Upper Assam and Southern Barak Valley Region. One can enjoy the silence of tea -plantation, a sight for sore eyes. With acres of Lush greenery, a drive through the Tea Estates is also a unmatched experience.

The Heritage Tea Bunglows of Assam are century old Tea executives houses. Still retaining its ancient glory and portraying tales of opulent lifestyle of the Tea Executives.

Early in the morning you can gain a mind cooling experience while walking through the greens of tea- plantation, which a concrete world can not offer.

Meet tea- garden manager to know, to ask and to see anything related to tea plantation. You can visit tea-workers Basti to admire their simple style of living and to get to the rhythm of their 'Jhumur' dance.

Toklai Tea Research Station is the place to head incase you want to know or do your own research on Tea. The place is near the city of Jorhat, Tea Capital of Assam.



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